HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The stats don’t lie, criminal activity in Huntington is going down.

According to a crime report from the Huntington Police Department from 2010 to November 2022, the number of drug offenses, burglary, larceny, sexual assault, and violent robberies has been the lowest since 2010.

Huntington’s crime rates from lowest to highest:

  • Drug Offenses
    • Highest: 2017, 776 cases
    • Lowest: 2022, 211 cases
  • Property Crimes – Arson
    • Highest: 2012, 74 cases
    • Lowest, 2017 and 2018, 18 cases
  • Property Crimes – Burglary
    • Highest: 2013, 1,301 cases
    • Lowest: 2022, 276 cases
  • Property Crimes – Larceny
    • Highest: 2013, 2,147 cases
    • Lowest: 2022, 1,003 cases
  • Property Crimes – Motor Vehicle Theft
    • Highest: 2017, 248 cases
    • Lowest, 2015, 141 cases
  • Violent Crimes – Sexual Assault
    • Highest: 2018, 89 cases
    • Lowest: 2022, 41 cases
  • Violent Crimes – Murder
    • Highest: 2017, 17 cases
    • Lowest: 2010, 2 cases
  • Violent Crimes – Robbery
    • Highest: 2010, 181 cases
    • Lowest: 2022, 36 cases

Arson has been the lowest since 2018. The number of murders was the highest in 2017 with 17 cases, but that number is slowly going down as well and this year, only six cases have been reported.

Huntington Police Chief Karl Colder said during the city council meeting Monday night that his goal moving forward is for those numbers to continue to decline and to see no more lives lost.

“When you really look at it, one life is too many,” Chief Kolder said Monday night.

However, even with these statistics, one question still remains, “Do people feel safe in Huntington?”

13 News hit the streets of Huntington asking that question and found that many are saying they do feel safe.

“I think it’s straightening back up. It was going downhill and it’s kind of rebounding,” Huntington resident Kenny Williams says.

Another Huntington resident, Evan Gissel answered “For the most part, yes. During the day, especially when there are more people, but late at night it’s kind of iffy.”

Krystal Hooker who moved to the city 6 months ago from St. Louis, Missouri says she heard about the city’s past and the struggles that came with the drug epidemic and was concerned for her own safety. However, she says “it’s been good so far. I haven’t had any problems.”

A few others who prefer to remain anonymous say they did not feel safe but after learning about the recent crime statistics, they said they do feel a little bit safer now.