MONEE, Ill. (WFLA) — An Illinois community is working to help a dog after he was left alone at a Burger King with only a note on his collar in late February.

The South Suburban Humane Society said King was found outside a Burger King in Monee with a note that had his birthday — July 22, 2018 — and a short statement.

“Hi I’m King,” the note read. “I’m a good boy, love to hug & kiss.”

As it turned out, it wasn’t King’s owner who abandoned him.

The humane society said it learned his owner had moved in with her family after “suffering a major medical event” so she could recover.

On Feb. 27, one of her relatives allegedly left King at the restaurant without the owner’s knowledge. A concerned citizen then brought him to the local police who first put the story out on social media.

According to SSHS, the owner came forward after finding out what happened and said she wanted to get a place of her own to take care of King.

“She brought all of his food, toys, treats, and we had a tearful conversation together,” the society said.

The humane society decided to help put King in a foster home for a month to give the owner time to get herself situated for a potential reunion.

“We asked her if she’s willing to accept help from the public and she is a very proud person who is thinking about that,” the shelter said. “When we know, we will certainly let you know!”