KANAWHA CITY, WV (WOWK) – Around a dozen teachers and staff at Kanawha City Elementary were delivering food door-to-door Friday afternoon.

“Last year we only had about 10 to 15 parents who had vehicles to come to the school to get the lunches so we know from past experience a lot of them don’t have vehicles, or they’re working during the day don’t have access to come to the school. So we had about 8 people that just raised their hand and said “I’ll drive my car during lunch and start delivering so we all just came together and so here we are,” said Principal Cathi Bradley.

Kanawha City Elementary is a Title 1 school, which means the majority of its students qualify for free and reduced lunches. In fact, 70% of students at KCE qualify.

“There’s kids who don’t have underwear, there’s kids who don’t have socks, there’s kids who don’t have shoes. This is what I do all day long. I try to fill in every need that they don’t have. I’m kind of like the momma hen. I wash their clothes, ya know provide what they need,” said Jessica Pinkerton, the school’s counselor.

But if there is one thing the pandemic has proven, it’s that the spirit of teachers goes beyond the classroom.

“With our students today, they’ve been through so much with the pandemic. There are so many negative things that are out there for our kids and when they’re home you have to think outside the box and think, ‘how can we reach our kids?’ Just being online isn’t enough. They need to see us and that lets them know that we care and we love them, when they return back to school they remember that, that their teachers came to them and brought them food so we just think in everything that we do ‘how can we make this horrible experience of a pandemic better for our kids,'” added Bradley.

Students at Kanawha City Elementary will be back in the classroom next week after being off for MLK day.