Kids Present as Famous People

Barboursville, WV (WOWK) - One the Grade class came to school as some pretty famous people. From a mini Albert Einstein to a mini Jackie Kennedy for Mrs. Kinder's the grade "Famous Person Book Reports", for a fun and unique way of learning.


Mrs. Angie Kinder explains the importance fo interactive learning, reading in particular. "you have to read in anything that you do and when they get to choose their own topic based on their interest they internalize that and makes them want to read more," Kinder.

And even a young Harriet Tubman graced the classroom with her presence. Known as one of the first  African-American slaves to transport other slaves through the Underground Railroad back in the 1800's. Where over 300 slaves were frees.

"I learned that she cares about people because she freed some slaves that she felt sorry for and I love how she did that," said Miley Morris, who was the modern day Harriet Tubman.

Educators love ho interactive learning lets students be creative about learning in different ways. "that's their time to shine because they don't have to do what i want them to do they  get to choose their topic and they get to bloom in the area that they plant themselves in," Added Kinder.

From Betsy Ross, known for her quilts of American Flags. "it was fun learning  but also getting to dress up and hear other peoples presentation," said the the grade version of Betsy Ross Kaylee Cohl. 

To even Jackie Kennedy, the strong former First Lady, and also known for her fashion sense. "it's pretty cool when she was alive people looked up to her because of her style. so i thought it was pretty awesome to do something like that," said 5th grade version of the First Lady Gianna Kent.

To the renowned Astronomer and scientist Galileo. "i knew that he was famous but i wanted to know more about him and get some facts. i liked it a lot," Jack Frye the 5th grade Galileo.

Learning through imitating these famous icons, is  lesson they will remember for life.


Aaliyah Brown 13 News, Working for You.


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