Parents urged to remind students about safety at the bus stop

The bus stop can be a dangerous place for children which is why Kanawha County School transportation leaders offer education for students and their parents to help keep them safe.

"It is a big responsibility but someone has to do it," said Darlene Vitale. She is in training to be a bus driver in Kanawha County. This wee she's learning about many things including how to help students stay safe at the bus stop. 

Early in their education students learn about bus stop safety at school. 

Coloring books, games and stickers can help students understand and practice safety rules. Parents also get a Star Player booklet to review with their child.  

"They have to sign a form and return it to the school," said Peggy Stone, with Kanawha County Schools transportation. 

If your child has to cross the street to board the bus tell them to: 
*Make eye contact with the driver and stay within sight of the driver
*Wait for the bus driver to signal that it is safe to cross
*Watch and listen for cars and do not wear earbuds

Also make sure to avoid the danger zone around the bus which may be out of the bus driver's view. 

Bus drivers also have a universal signal to tell students it is safe to cross. A student should never approach the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop  and the bus driver gives the go ahead. 

"West Virginia has a universal thumbs up. It is thumbs up for safety that the driver gives students that tells them it is ok to go," Stone said. 

For more information and resources to teach your child about safety at the bus stop you can contact the Kanawha County Schools Transportation Office at 304-348-6616.

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