Calhoun County EMS, businesses recovering from floods

CALHOUN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) - Four days after flooding washed through Calhoun County Tuesday night, people are still just beginning the long cleanup process.

"We waded water to our knees, to the center of the road," said Marla Carpenter, who was bartending at The Stone Bar & Grill when the bar began filling with water. "Everybody moved their vehicles to the middle of the road. We just had to wait it out because there was water everywhere, all around us."

Not only did the unexpected flooding tear through local businesses and homes, it also hit the ones needed most in emergencies: the local Minnie Hamilton EMS Station. 

"We've had to completely gut the station," said Shannon May, a paramedic in Calhoun and Roane counties. 

The floods even filled the ambulance trucks. With their emergency vehicles unable to leave, Roane County units had to be called in to respond to emergencies that night. 

"The first concern we had was for the community, because if we're in need, everyone else is even more in need," said May. "So that was the first priority: making sure we were still available for 911 activation."

All of their supplies inside the station were also ruined, including a KED, which is used to extract people from cars, about $15,000 in radio equipment, and a cardiac monitor that also costs about $15,000.

"We've been running calls throughout the cleaning process as well," said May. "No matter what, we can't have a break in 911 services."

The rest of the community is depending on others, as well, to help try to get things back to normal. 

"People have been so generous just to stop and give a helping hand," said Carpenter. "Some of them have been here all day long helping."

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