VIDEO: Ohio Police treat officer with Narcan after he is exposed to unknown substance

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- The Columbus Division of Police has released body camera footage of officers administering Narcan to one of their fellow officers after he came in contact with an unknown drug during an arrest Sunday. 

A sergeant on scene asked the woman who was arrested what the substance was. She told him it was allegedly metamphetamine mixed with something else. 

The sergeant and another officer opened their Narcan kits to administer to the affected officer, who is seen sitting in his car. 

The officers help the affected officer get out of the car and lie down while he coughs and retches.

"Help's on the way, buddy! You're all right," says the sergeant. "Take some deep breaths, buddy." 

"I felt like rubber," says the ill officer. "My whole body." 

A medic arrives to take the officer to the hospital towards the end of the video. 

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