CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Charleston native Autumn Gillispie, better known by her stage name, Auti, has recently signed with Pivotal Records, the music division of Pivotal Moments Media.

13 News sat down with Auti to discuss new music, mental health advocacy and more.

As a young girl, Auti found her love for singing in church. She says she began songwriting as a 13-year-old when she would play around on a piano she had.

Fueled by a desire to tell people they are not alone in their mental health struggles after a close friend of hers committed suicide, she wrote about that and her own struggles with mental health.

Losing my close friend to suicide was definitely a start-up for [songwriting], because I’m an advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention and awareness. Dealing with my own mental illness made me want to advocate…most of my music is based around [awareness].

Autumn Gillispie, A.K.A. Auti

She says the overnight success of a cover of the song “Shallow” from the 2017 remake of “A Star is Born”, which has amassed over 400,000 views on her YouTube page, threw her into the music industry. It led to her working with Kent Wells, a producer for Dolly Parton, and rapper MattyB.

Auti says a recent music event put on by Pivotal Moments Media is how she got signed. When three artists dropped out, they needed an artist to fill in.

A friend that has ties to music got her on the stage, and, after a dinner with executives, she got the gig at Pivotal Records.

Auti says you can find new music and information by going to her website, which includes her social media accounts.

Auti’s next single is called “Miss Me Baby” which is due to be out in late May. Her EP is set to release later in 2022.