DAYTON, Maine (WMTW/CNN) – As soon as the staff at a Maine school learned a 6-year-old deaf girl would be a student, they decided to welcome her by teaching all the students American Sign Language.

Kindergartner Morey Belanger, 6, is the first deaf student to ever attend Dayton Consolidated School. Upon learning she would be a student, teachers posted signs throughout the elementary school to help the other students learn sign language, so they could communicate with Morey.

“They have been phenomenal, makes me a little mushy. They probably know at least 15 signs, if not 20,” educator Debby Gallant said.  

Morey and her schoolmates welcomed Disney princess Cinderella, whose performer specializes in sign language, for a party celebrating their progress. 

Morey and her schoolmates welcomed Disney princess Cinderella for a party Friday. The performer specializes in sign language and sang to the students in the language with a little help from Morey.

“This is a special day for her [Morey], not only to celebrate her and all of her growth and achievement, but the school as well and how much sign language the students and the staff have learned,” teacher Shannon Cavanaugh said.

Morey’s mother Shannon Belanger says her daughter has received a ton of support.

“It just makes you feel like she’s in the right place,” she said.