WURTLAND, KY (WOWK) -A family farm in the Greenup County area is destroyed, due to a fire early Saturday morning, and the flames from the fire were so intense that some nearby residents started to become concerned about their own homes.

Courtesy of Greenup County 911
Courtesy: Greenup County 911

Around midnight residents in the Greenup County area of Wurtland  were awakened to the sound of sirens and fire trucks rolling down highway 23. 

“We just kept hearing trucks go by, and I was like that’s a lot of trucks, and I looked out and they were going real slow and then I looked over and there was a big old flame- and I was OMG,” said Stephanie Clair, who witnessed the fire.

According to Greenup County 911 crews from multiple fire departments in the area, including the Ashland Police Department and the Greeenup County Sheriffs Office, responded to the incident at the Bonzo farm, and nearby neighbor Kayla Wilburn couldn’t believe what she saw when she went outside. 

“The image was absolutely unbelievable. You would of thought the entire farm was on fire”.

According to dispatch at Greenup County 911 the initial call came in before midnight by someone passing by the property.

The fire destroyed multiple structures on the Bonzo family’ property, including their “big” barn, killing thousands of animals and livestock.

Wilburn said quail is one of the things the family is known for. 

“The Bonzo’s that was their biggest thing hunting animals. . . farming”.

She also said the Bonzo farm is well known in the community and has been around for generations.

The residents of Castle Marina Road said they could feel the heat from the flames all the way up to their homes, and some of them were concerned that they might have to start evacuating”.

“Yes, that is what me and some of the neighbors were talking about,” said Clair

Wilburn added, “We were a little concerned that it was going to come across the field, but the fire departments around here had it completely under control”.

Neighbors in the area told 13 News they are glad to hear no one was hurt in the fire and everyone got out safety, but they hope the family is able to recover from this tragic loss.

A dispatcher with Greenup County 911 said at this time the cause of the fire is still under investigation