(WOWK) — It’s so dry that brush fire dangers are running high and it’s supposed to be so cold that plants may suffer frost damage overnight, crossing into Wednesday morning.

First, humidity levels are so low and wind gusts are so high that the risk of brush and forest fires is running high through at least Tuesday night.

Red flag conditions until Tuesday night

Of course there is already a no-burning order in place across West Virginia until further notice.

With clear skies, once the wind dies down there may be a few spots where the cold air sinks sharply into the valleys and frost could form on plants. There is a chance the temperature can drop even into the freezing range in Vinton and Athens counties in Ohio as well.

Frost and freeze advisories Tuesday night

Remember covering plants with cloth or plastic works, but remove plastic rapidly if you use it so plants don’t smother.

Frost and freeze advice for plants

Dry conditions could lead to more Red Flag warnings with highs in the 80s the next two days. Also, the lows can easily get back down into frost range within the next week, especially Monday and Tuesday mornings next week.

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