(WOWK) — A remarkable temperature swing will unfold over the remainder of the week and across next week as well as the pendulum swings from cold to warm and back again. While snow can fly early Wednesday morning, people will be looking for warm weather clothes this coming weekend all over again.

Charleston’s high of 44 degrees on Tuesday will be replaced by highs almost 30 degrees warmer by the weekend.

Temperatures will run very warm to start the following week, in the 70s but then will drop sharply once again by the end of next week. Model output is running in the 30s for next Friday (October 28).

Model output of temperatures for October 28

Also of note, the current Drought Monitor has shifted the areas from Huntington to the west into the lowest category of drought known simply as “dry.” It’s a significant shift showing how dry things have been since the start of September after a very wet summer.

The NOAA winter outlook (December-February) will be issued Thursday (October 20) and we will bring you the details. Much of the focus is expected to be on drought during the press conference. Meanwhile, the October pattern of outbreaks of cold air coming in from the Great Lakes with limited moisture could be a strong signal as to what we expect locally from winter.

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