GALLIA COUNTY, OH (WOWK) — Four people were arrested in Gallia County on Tuesday for drug trafficking.

The Gallia County Sheriff’s Department obtained a warrant to search property in the 4000 block of State Route 141.

Once at the property, deputies located a loaded semi-automatic handgun, illegal narcotics and cash.

Deputies arrested Marco Delgado as a result of searching the residence, and two others, Cheyenne Bonecutter and Carla Thacker, were arrested for outstanding warrants. 

“Today was a great day for the safety of our county,” said Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin. “The narcotics being pushed from this residence were deadly and the person pushing them out into our community is no stranger to begin arrested for trafficking in drugs. Now is the time that he will face justice for the damage that he has done in our communities.”

Photos courtesy the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office