CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – After slowly dropping from record highs, gas prices have spiked again across the Tri-State.

According to AAA, the national average is $4.22. That’s 9-cents higher than a week ago and $1.30 higher than a year ago. In the Tri-State, West Virginians are paying the most with an average price of$4.07, though prices are higher in parts of our area. That’s 14-cents more than a week ago. People at the pump are wondering if they will ever start to see relief.

“Usually I could fill it up for less than $20. When I was a teenager it was 35 cents a gallon,” said Sammy Stump, who lives in Kanawha County.

Jose Castro, a Belle resident, filled his Ford pick-up truck for $78. He says, “And it’s probably going to go up higher, due to the war that’s going on in Ukraine.”

Another Kanawha County resident, Denae Williams, says she’s been cutting back on traveling. “I’ve tried to maneuver ways to where I’m like where maybe I don’t need to go now. So I’ve had to alter things but when you have to work, you have to go to school. You have to do this, and that and you want leisure time. you have no choice but to get gas.”

Ohio is back over $4 a gallon, and Kentucky’s average price is $3.87.

AAA says consumers are now spending $23 more on average to fill up compared with a year ago, depending on tank size.