NORTH HUNTINGDON, PA (CBS) — Every day Ruth Shuster comes to work at McDonald’s in North Huntingdon, she gives it 110% and the customers appreciate it!

The thing is, Ruth isn’t your typical McDonald’s employee. She just turned 99 years old on Tuesday and you would never guess it because of how fast she walks and how energetic she is.

“Age don’t mean nothing to me,” said Ruth.

Ruth has been working there for 25 years. She got the job when she was a young 73!

“I really like the job. No effort for me,” said Ruth.

What she loves even more than the job is that she feels appreciated for everything she does.

“She can stay here as long as she’d like. We enjoy every day we have with her is such a blessing,” said Owner Nick Delligatti.

A blessing Ruth never takes for granted. While she loves to dance, she also loves to sing.

“Just to come down here, she makes it. She makes McDonald’s here,” said customer Jenny Stewart.

When Ruth was asked her secret to a long and healthy life, she said, “I eat anything I want. No diets. No time to eat. When I eat I like sweets,” said Ruth. “I eat their pies. Their pies are good.”

It’s that simple.