CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — What started as a garden on the west side could soon turn into a grocery store.

Behind their office on Delaware Avenue, Keep Your Faith Corporation CEO Dural Miller runs a garden growing fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s one of two gardens Miller operates to provide fresh produce for west side residents.

“They can come and they can grow their own food if they want to learn how to,” Miller said. “They can come, we can teach them how to do that and if you come and help work the garden, you can take anything.”

Through his organization’s food insecurity program, Miller is partnering with the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition to build a new grocery store. He says the area Kroger is inaccessible to many west side residents.

“We want to sell groceries there, be like a community feel,” he said. “We’ll have student involvement, community involvement. It’s very important to do things like that.”

Sharon Banks has known Miller for years and through the Great Kanawha Valley Foundation helped donate the new office building.

“He is a product of the west side and he has never forgotten where he’s come from and is determined to rise up in a positive way,” she said.

Through his little garden, Miller is encouraging more people to develop better eating habits.

“It blew my mind how much kids like broccoli,” he said. “I was so surprised but that’s been a big hit in our pop-up market.”

Miller says he was hoping to open the new store by the start of the school year. Keep Your Faith will host an event called ‘An Evening Dialogue in the Garden’ showcasing their garden Aug. 19.