BARBOURSVILLE, WV (WOWK) – The chances of seeing an ice cream truck driving up and down your street might be slim these days because of the pandemic.

When residents in Cabell County see the ice cream truck, they know there’s more than just frozen treats involved!

Here comes the ice cream truck! A frozen treat on a hot summer day is a long time tradition brought back by 28-year-old Jacob Lowe. “The ice cream guy” is the product of Lowe and his mother, Shirley Sansom.

Lowe came up with the idea Fall 2019 and with a little help from the community, he was able to get his own ice cream truck on the road.

Jacob was diagnosed with autism at a very young age, of course, working has been really challenging for him.

Shirley Sansom, Jacob’s mother

Overcoming that was a huge challenge while Jacob was growing up. Now, as “the ice cream guy”, Sansom says her son has finally found his passion.

Sansom says Jacob is very sociable with the customers and at times “it’s hard to keep him in the ice cream truck because he wants to come out and talk to everybody.” But Jacob’s mission is not just to raise awareness for autism.

With the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the nation, Jacob’s goal is to spread joy throughout his community. Customers say one of Jacob’s biggest and best sales tool is his smile.

It’s just contagious and right now with so much going on in the world, it just feels really good to offer somebody some happiness.

Brittany Stowasser, licensed massage therapist

Several businesses have offered to help Jacob with his mission to raise awareness and make people smile. Business owner Brittany Stowasser says Jacob’s mission hits close to home for her family.

I have a brother that lives with autism and I saw Jacob’s story circulating around the internet and how he decided to be the “ice cream guy.”

Brittany Stowasser, licensed massage therapist

Sansom says she believes Jacob has found his passion. For more information on Jacob’s business, click here.