ST. ALBANS, WV (WOWK) — Pantoufle the Wallaby has become a local celebrity after he was seen hopping around St. Albans on April 6.

Last week, Pantoufle visited Central Elementary School in St. Albans as part of a presentation on wallabies, where they come from, what foods they eat and how they behave in the wild.

According to Kanawha County Schools (KCS), the students highly enjoyed the special visit from the local furry friend.

“Everyone had a great time meeting Pantoufle and can’t wait to see him grow!” KCS said in a Facebook post.

As initially reported, Pantoufle got loose and was spotted hopping around in a St. Albans yard on April 6. He was found shortly after by the owners with help from a neighbor.

Amanda Barber, WOWK Channel 13 Digital Reporter, followed up with Pantoufle’s owners, who wished to remain anonymous for safety purposes.

The owners said Pantoufle made a journey from his previous home in Texas to wild, wonderful West Virginia in December 2021.

The owners also revealed Pantoufle will soon be joined by his wallaby girlfriend, Daphne, and one of his brothers, Gastone, who is a 6-foot, 220-pound Red Kangaroo.

“Gaston will have to wait with Daphne in TX until we get our 8′ privacy fence up around our yard,” the owners said. “The Red Kangaroos can leap 30 feet+ per hop, and clear a 6′ fence, so we have to secure the yard for him.”

The owners said Gaston and Daphne may arrive sometime in June or July.

To learn more about Pantoufle the Wallaby, visit his Facebook or Instagram.