Paying it forward: West Virginia man buys a car for a stranger

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LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A single father from Logan, West Virginia is giving back to a stranger who also happens to be a single parent.

“What God told me to do is to make her dream come true today, so I am going to give her a vehicle for her son,” Anthony Page of Beanie’s Supreme Auto & Detail said.

Anthony Page was raised in Logan. He says after moving to Ohio, he came back to the Mountain State ten years ago.

“I came here with two kids and $85 in my pocket in 2010. I was born and raised in Logan, but I moved to Ohio, and When I came back to West Virginia, I did not have anything, and God guided my steps,” Page said.

He says after receiving so many blessings in his own life, the time came for him to pay it forward when a woman came to the dealership looking for a car for her son.

What happened next played itself out on a Facebook video post.

“God has blessed me beyond belief. There were people that helped me to get jobs. There were people to help me do everything I could to make it,” Page said. “This lady came in and she couldn’t purchase this vehicle and she was distraught because she wanted to help her kid, you know, to show that she could be the mom that she wants to be.”

“My gut instincts told me to give her that vehicle. I thought ‘Is God saying this to me, or am I just thinking this?'”

Anthony Page of Beanie’s Supreme Auto & Detail

At first, Page says he went with the latter thought, suggesting the woman ask someone to help her purchase the vehicle.

“I told her I appreciate your time and maybe you could get somebody to help you, and I went on back into the dealership,” Page said.

After several minutes, Page said when he saw the woman still sitting there, he knew he was the person meant to help her.

“Almost 10 minutes went by and she was still sitting in the vehicle. She never started it nor moved. And at that point I knew this isn’t just me, this is God, He told me to do that,” Page said. “If we could all band together, stop fighting and stop hating, preaching hate on social sites and things of this nature, we can make a difference.”

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