Clinic in WV Now Offering Patients and Animals CBD

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Medical marijuana has been a popular topic around the states, but the latest buzz around West Virginia has been about the recently popular oil strand.

The owner of Roman’s Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic in Morgantown, Stacey Roman, recently started treating her patients with CBD oil.  But with medical marijuana not legally going into affect until 2019, many are wondering the differences between cannabis and CBD.

“Marijuana has a high THC count, which causes the psychedelic affects that you don’t want as a patient," Roman said. "The CBD has the cannabinoid system, which is where you have zero THC or point one percent THC.” 

But what many don’t know is that CBD has been legal nationwide since 2014 and is said to help a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms.


“Anything from neurological issues, inflammation, to anxiety," Roman said. "It’s a good product to use when you’re trying to get off of anxiety medication, or pain pills or if you’re addicted to opioids.”


Todd McConville, a CBD user and patient at Roman’s Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic, said he would highly reccommend CBD to any patient wanting to get off prescription medication. 


“For me it was body pain, insomnia, localized anxiety and it’s certainly turned my life around,” McConville said.


This clinic offers multiple different services with their newest service being CBD oil. But CBD is not exclusive to just humans, they can also benefit all animals. 


“My dog is on it and she’s a rescue," Roman said. "She had a lot of anxiety issues, she wasn't sleeping through the night, and keeping us up. On the CBD she’s able to sleep without waking me up two or three times.”


It can potentially help lead healthier lives for people and animals. CBD is a non-addictive alternative to using prescribed medications for a wide variety of issues






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