HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – As COVID-19 cases across the Mountain State are reaching record numbers, more residents are having to take off work.

And that leaves some wondering if they get compensation or coverage when taking off due to COVID-19.

“It would all start with their HR department. Their options would really depend on what’s in the policy manual, and I can’t stress that enough. That has to be what they follow in regards to any time of time off like that – whether it’s for medical leave or personal reasons, or anything like that,” says Frank Cilona, the President and CEO, Better Business Bureau of Canton and Greater West Virginia.

Cilona says for any employee who isn’t satisfied with the company policy, the next option is to consult with a legal attorney or an employment attorney with the state.

Can some employees get approved for sick leave and not others?

“If you are a personnel or HR department, just make sure it is consistent. That you’re offering it to one, and everyone. If you’re not offering that, it should not be offered to anyone. It has to be consistent,” says Cilona.

What about the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

“That would have to be something that is in the policy of the employer. Certain businesses have that available, and it would be written in their personnel policy, in their handbook. So that would have to take place through the employer and make sure that, if they are offering FMLA, that it is part of their policy manual,” says Cilona.