CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A few more people in the Mountain State are vaccinated against COVID-19 after attending Friday’s West Virginia Power Game.

The goal was to get a few baseball fans who haven’t had the time or were maybe on the fence about getting their vaccination to go ahead and roll up their sleeves and help boost immunity.

Thomas Health’s Chief Nurse Officer Jennie Kahn threw out Friday’s first pitch at the Lexington Legends vs. West Virginia Power game.

But she and her team were there to do more than watch baseball — they were there to ‘strike out’ COVID-19 by putting vaccinations in people’s arms.

They had a total of 50 Johnson and Johnson shots available.

“The number of people we’re seeing at the hospital has actually dropped quite a bit, but you know with the variants, we’re always concerned about another spike,” said Nate Kahn, Director of Pharmacy for Thomas Health.

The UK variant, and the Delta variant; a more transmissible strain of COVID-19 now accounts for 10% of cases in the U.S.

Willliam Faulkes and his dad both took advantage of the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“Me and my dad had talked about it but weren’t sure if we were going to get and then we saw the Thomas booth and said ‘sure, why not?'”

Faulkes says his delay in getting the vaccine up until now was a timing issue.

“There was not really good time between doing work and school work, I didn’t have the best time,” he said.

Vaccinations are the reason people are able to gather at baseball stadiums this year once again without masks.

But like with any communicable disease Kahn says…it waxes and wanes.

“The summer in West Virginia may be particularly bad because people may be going out of state on vacation and visiting friends in other areas, so they may bring it with them,” he said.

Thomas Health’s next vaccination clinic at Appalachian Park is July 25th.