IRONTON, OH (WOWK) – It’s flu season, and some are experiencing those common cold symptoms.

Now, some taking common cold medication wonder if getting the booster shot is something they should wait to do.

Should I wait to get the booster shot?

“What the CDC recommendations are is if you’re having mild [flu] symptoms, those do not prevent you from getting the booster. Of course, if you’re having moderate or severe [flu] symptoms, you should go and be checked just to rule out that you do not have COVID-19 before you do take the booster or take any vaccine in general,” says Angela Bostick-Doyle, the Director of Nursing for the Lawrence County Health Department.

She says for those with only mild symptoms, there are no restrictions for anyone wanting to take the booster shot and the common cold vacation at the same time.

Bostick-Doyle says the recommendation is different when it comes to those taking flu steroids versus those who only get the flu shot.

“We do monitor if someone is taking steroids – say if they have the cold and they have steroids – the recommendation is that they wait 7-10 days because it can suppress the immune response that the vaccine does cause.”

Angela Bostick-Doyle, Lawrence County Health Department Director of Nursing

Is there a difference between COVID-19 and flu symptoms?

“We’re seeing symptoms all over the place. We’re seeing some people with just runny noses, some people think ‘I just have allergies,’ some people have severe shortness of breath, we have people having the GI symptoms, nausea, the diarrhea, the vomiting, so it can vary,” explains Bostick-Doyle.

Anyone looking for a flu vaccination or COVID-19 vaccination location information can access it here.