Woman claims she found filthy conditions inside Charleston, WV hospital


A Parkersburg, WV mother said a visit to Charleston Area Medical Center’s Women and Children’s Hospital left her feeling disgusted. Using her cell phone Cassandra Shields documented what she described as filthy conditions and posted the pictures and video and social media. 

“It was not an experience that I thought I would ever have in a hospital,” she said. 

Desperate for answers about her daughter’s illness Shield’s made the drive to the CAMC emergency room. She said she was shocked by what she saw. 

“When we first walked in I noticed there were dirty tissues laying on the ground used gloves and even face masks laying on the ground,” Shield’s said. 

She said she then found what she described as filthy conditions in the restroom including urine on the toilets. 

“There was even urine all over the wall next to the toilet and behind the toilet as well,” she said. 

She posted about her experience on social media. 

One video demonstrated what she described as a sticky film all over the room. 

In another clip she displayed the dirt she says she was able to wipe off the floors and other surfaces in the room. 

“I didn’t post this to bash the hospital or to get 15 minutes of fame,” Shields said. “I posted this because my daughter could have contracted something else during her stay in the hospital.” 

Her post has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. She said her goal is to encourage the hospital to do better. 

“I think any hospital that specifically treats children should be held accountable to a much higher standard,” she said. 

Charleston Area Medical Center responded to our questions in a written statement which said: 

“Our patients are our top concern. CAMC takes the comments and complaints of our customers seriously. We have reached out and spoken directly with the family to address the issues that have been raised.” 

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