CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) – The West Virginia Secretary of State’s office announced that September was a record setting month for voter registration in West Virginia during a non-election year. Over 1/3 of those who registered were high school students.

September, also recognized as National Voter Registration Month, set a new record with more than 8,000 voter registrants. This nearly doubled September 2017 which totaled 5,022 registrants.

Of the 8,020 new voters, 2,985 of those were high school students. Secretary of State Mac Warner says this shows that students are engaged and understanding their importance in elections.

“They’re coming to schools, they’re bringing machines, so students have first exposure to express voting systems and voting equipment so they feel comfortable about going into the voting booth”, says Secretary Warner.

Director of elections Brittany Westfall says this is a step in the right direction for West Virginia and hopes to continue to see an increase. She says this also correlates with technology making it easier than ever to register to vote.

“It’s a great success for West Virginia, our state, the Secretary of State, and the county clerks office to see that many people encouraged to go out there and register. One of the messages we like to give is that it’s not only getting registered but it’s about being ready to vote and means making sure your registration is up to date”, says Westfall.

You can register to vote anytime at