CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — On Inside West Virginia Politics, Del. Lisa Zukoff (D) from Marshall County discusses Governor Jim Justice’s request to move $150 million from the general fund to the road fund. She says the money is “much needed” in her district.

“We are a big county; we have oil and gas development still going on. A lot of big trucks in our community, which takes its toll on the roads,” said Zukoff. 

In 2019, Justice acknowledged that Marshall County had the worst roads in the state and declared a state of emergency. It worked, and it helped bring additional funds for the county to help fix the roads, but Zukoff says a lot more work needs to be done.

The Department of Transportation says there are 400 road projects throughout West Virginia. Zukoff says some road projects are needed such as on Route 250, on Boggs Dam Road in her district, and the Kammer plant on Route 2. “That’s $3.4 million worth of work,” said Zukoff.