CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Members of the West Virginia House of Delegates will be called back into session on Monday, Sept. 12 after being recessed subject to the call of the Chair.

The House of Delegates released a statement Friday, Sept. 2 that House Speaker Roger Hanshaw (R-Clay) intends to contact members to call them back in to session alongside the House’s regularly scheduled interim committee meetings.

Hanshaw adjourned the House to the call of the Chair on Friday, July 29 during the third special session of the 85th Legislature’s second session.

According to the House, on July 29, a majority of House members gave a voice vote refusing to concur with the Senate regarding House Bill 302. The bill was created to clarify the state’s abortion laws. The House also requested a conference committee of five members from both the House and the Senate.

The Senate, which also adjourned to to a call of the President on July 29, has not yet received the request.

Following the House’s announcement, Senate President Craig Blair (R-Berkeley) released a statement saying he was not aware of the House’s intent to resume prior to the press release sent out by House officials this evening.

Blair’s full statement reads:

“I learned this evening via press release of the House’s intention to resume the Third Extraordinary Session on Monday, September 12. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Communication is vital to ensuring government works in an efficient and productive manner. While there has been communication on modifications to House Bill 203 [302] that would be acceptable to both chambers, to date no agreement has been reached.

Make no mistake, I am in complete support of passing legislation to save as many unborn babies as possible. However, I will not cause further chaos and disruption to the process, or burden our taxpayers with unnecessary expenses, by calling Senators back into session without a concrete plan for producing a bill that has the votes to pass both chambers.”