CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – On this week’s episode of Inside West Virginia Politics, local religious leaders stop by to discuss the importance of religion during the Christmas and Hanukah season.

Our host Mark Curtis sits down with Father Chapin, host of Daily Living on WOWK-TV, to talk about finding balance between Santa and commercialism during the Christmas season with the Gospel and the birth of Christ.

Next, Rev. Michie Klusmeyer, of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, stops by IWVP to talk about Christmas and Hanukah, which overlap this year, and the ongoing message of love throughout the season amid uncertainty.

For our third segment, Rev. Mathew Watts of Grace Bible Church in Charleston joins us to talk about having a sense of hope during the challenges in our own lives and around the world as Christmas brings a message of hope with the birth of Christ.

With Hanukah and Christmas syncing up this year, we round out this week’s IWVP with Rabbi Victor Urecki of B’nai Jacob Synagogue to discuss the message of Hanukah and how it symbolizes hope to the Jewish people and the ability to practice their faith freely.