CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – On Inside West Virginia Politics, Delegate Joey Garcia (D-Marion County) stops by to talk about an op-ed he co-wrote with John Williams (D-Monongalia) called “If You Build It, They Will Stay,” and what it means for the state.

The delegates say they want to work toward keeping young West Virginians in the state and that starts with rebuilding, specifically in roads, broadband and education. Garcia says they include roads in this because of the shape of some of the state’s secondary roads, some of which are almost impassable. He says the state needs to make sure the money that has been put toward the roads is spread more evenly throughout the state.

Garcia says another major factor is education, starting with attracting and retaining qualified people to teach students, including providing teachers with better salaries. Another plan is to help those going to trade and technical schools instead of four-year colleges with programs such as the Jumpstart Savings Act.