CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — On Inside West Virginia Politics, Seth DiStefano from the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy office says he supports President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, which affects the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit.

“When it comes to West Virginia kids and West Virginia working families, there really is no danger in doing too much. There is a danger in doing too little,” said DiStefano. 

The American Rescue Plan expanded the child tax credit to around 3,600 per child depending on economic status and made it more refundable. Under the current expansion, this tax credit is temporary. According to DiStefano, 94% of West Virginian children would benefit from the Child Tax Credit if the expansion was made permanent under Biden’s infrastructure bill. 

The Earned Income Tax Credit now maximizes the tax refund for families in West Virginia under the American Rescue Plan and was expanded to include people who do not have children. DiStefano says if this expansion were made permanent, 110,000 frontline workers would be able to take their own money out at tax time and drive economic growth. 

Distefano says frontline and essential workers are a part of the infrastructure bill because they were necessary during the pandemic and giving them more money would show the country’s appreciation for them.