FRANKFORT, KY (WOWK/Nexstar) – Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says the state is monitoring 15 people who have traveled to two countries experiencing an outbreak of Ebola.

The governor says the state has connected with most of the travelers, and none of them are showing any symptoms. He also says none of the 15 people are considered low-risk at this time and were in the areas of those countries that would put them at a high risk for Ebola.

“Again, we don’t have any major level of concern, but this is something that is going on and we are tracking it,” Beshear said.

The CDC says Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is a rare and deadly disease in people and nonhuman primates. The viruses that cause the disease are mainly found in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also announced 44 people are being monitored in the Buckeye State for possible exposure during travel to Africa. In Oregon, four people who recently visited Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are also being monitored for signs of Ebola.

As of Wednesday, March 24, Guinea had reported 18 cases and nine deaths related to Ebola, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo reported 12 Ebola cases and six Ebola-related deaths.

Guiena declared an Ebola epidemic in mid-February. Eastern Congo confirmed four cases of the virus a week prior. The two countries’ outbreaks were not concidered connected at the time.