ASHLAND, KY (WOWK) – With election day less than a month away, the countdown has officially begun and Amendment 2 on Kentucky’s ballot has caught some attention.

The approval of that amendment would completely end abortion rights and the federal funding for it in Kentucky.

As of now, abortion is outlawed in Kentucky after the supreme court overturned Roe V. Wade in June, but that decision is being fought in court.

If voters vote against “Amendment 2” in this upcoming election, there’s still a possibility for abortion to be a state right.

One Kentucky resident says he thinks the decision should be up to the woman.

“I think as a man it’s not really my place to have an opinion on a woman’s body or her autonomy over her body,” said Johnathan Register.

Another resident says he’s for the amendment.

“I’m totally against abortion. I think – I put it in God’s hands and maybe in certain cases and they’d have to really go through a situation to approve abortion for special cases. But, for me, I’m totally against abortion,” explained Shawn Spinda.

Now this amendment falls under House Bill 91. That bill explains that if passed it will not only abolish abortion access in Kentucky, but it will also stop government funding for it.