PRESTONSBURG, KY (WOWK) – The ambush that led to the death of Ralph Frasure, Jacob Chaffins, William Petry, and the K-9 officer Drago has affected so many lives in Floyd County, Kentucky.

Family members such as Seth and Savannah Ousley, Jacob Chaffins’ brother and sister, tell 13 News that this holiday season hasn’t been the same without their brother.

In an effort to continue to honor all the fallen officers, the Prestonsburg community added to their biggest draw for the area, the annual light display in Archer Park.

This year the community felt it was right to include a memorial for the fallen officers and an archway lit up blue.

The Chaffins’ family says his decision came as a surprise to them as recall getting emotional while reading their brother’s name.

“It makes me a little emotional but I love to see people actually caring about the situation,” Savannah Ousley says.

“This is my daughter’s first Christmas, so we brought her through archer park to see the lights for the first time, I didn’t know this was here and when I came through and I saw the sign with their names on it I actually cried,” Seth Ousley recalls the moment he saw the display

While family members are continuing to remember their legacies, they’re also awaiting justice in the court case for the man accused of killing them.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Brent Turner, the man accused, Lance Storz, will have a pre-trial hearing on February 19th and family members say they’ll be following the case until the very end.

“He’s made his bed and it’s time for him to lay in it,” Seth Ousley says Monday evening.