ASHLAND, KY (WOWK) — The City of Ashland held a grand opening of a new park in town that skaters of all ages and skill-levels can enjoy.

Many local officials and skaters helped ‘cut the ribbon’ for the opening of the new AK Steel Skatepark off of Blackburn Avenue.

According to Mayor Matthew Perkins, the city has been working on this for over a year, after committing ten million to their park system.

They collaborated with local skaters as well as engineers and park planners on the different aspects of the park, and after investing more then $140,000 into this project — local skaters tell 13 News it’s a vast improvement on the previous skatepark, which fell into disrepair.

“This park here, it has transitions, rails, stairs, basically ramp skating and street skating all in one park…I’m super happy, I’m super happy. I used to actually travel out of town. I’d drive three hours to skate cause there was basically nothing here to skate,” says Shane Ayerst, local skater who helped with this skatepark design.

“We have dedicated a staff of engineers, park planners, and the professionals that know how to do this right. And I’m already hearing from our skateboarders that this is the best skateboard park within 100 miles,” Perkins says.  

Skaters say they think having this new park will help build a stronger skating community in the area, and grow local talent.