FRANKFORT, KY (WOWK) — A proposed bill in Kentucky would limit where drag shows and performances can be held.

If passed, Senate Bill 115 would give guidelines for where “adult-oriented businesses” can operate. It says this is due to “the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of this Commonwealth.”

The bill’s text says it would not restrict the content being sold or exhibited, but impose guidelines on where it can take place.

The bill would not allow drag performances or any “adult-oriented business” to be 1,000 feet within a child-care facility, children’s amusement establishment, a YMCA, youth sports facility, public swimming pool, park, place of worship, playground, public library, recreational area or facility, residence, school or walking trail.

If this is violated, an attorney or a resident of a county can bring a civil cause of action against the business. Fines can range from $7,500 to $15,000.

If a business is already within 1,000 feet of one of the places, it can continue to do so until June 30, 2025, if the bill passes.

Senate Bill 115’s sponsors include Sen. Lindsey Tichenor (R-District 6), Sen. Gex Williams (R-District 20), Sen. Gary Boswell (R-District 8), Sen. Adrienne Southworth (R-District 7) and Sen. Phillip Wheeler (R-District 31).