ASHLAND, KY (WOWK) – After seven years of cleaning up the city of Ashland, Kentucky and hosting volunteer-led events, the “Build Ashland” non-profit’s founder will be leaving the area.

Ashland resident, Dave Daniel started the organization back in 2013 with the goal of bringing his community together. Daniel’s main focus was to look for the good in the Ashland area and “build” off of it.

We have a beautiful community here with the river and so many outdoor activities that we can get involved with and I want to kind of push that.

Dave Daniel, Build Ashland founder

Since the non-profit was created, it has seen an immense amount of support on social media, specifically on the Facebook group page. More than 8,000 users have become members of the group, even though a small percentage of them are actively volunteering.

Daniel says that the support is always appreciated no matter what number of volunteers show up to the organization’s events, rain or shine.

Each one of our events, they vary. Of course, you always have to deal with weather, but sometimes you can have thirty and sometimes you can have a hundred.

Dave Daniel, Build Ashland founder

Daniel and his family will be moving to Florida in the next couple of weeks and will not only be leaving their old home behind but also “Build Ashland.”

With the news of his departure, Daniel says he is confident that he is leaving the non-profit in good hands.

We have some of the most awesome, most dedicated, most personable, and most involved people in this community and they’re all local business owners or they’re celebrities in our area.

Dave Daniel, Build Ashland founder

Daniel says that the most consistent volunteers have been added as board members. Now, the board consists of nine volunteers who will be left to lead the organization in Daniel’s absence.

The full list of board members as well as more information on the group can be found here.