PRESTONSBUG, KY (WOWK) – Amazingly nobody was hurt when 60-mile-per-hour winds took down an apartment building along the “S curve” on South Lake Drive in Prestonsburg, Kentucky on Saturday.

One of the neighbors directly behind the structure, Sarah Brown recalls “It blew the roof off and then the glass out and then we heard about five fire engines that came over.”

However, now it’s what is left behind that’s concerning residents, ahead of more severe weather expected to sweep through starting Wednesday evening.

All the debris that was left on the edge of the road is what cleanup crews are trying to clear out before the upcoming storms.

On Tuesday, they brought in heavy equipment with the goal of removing all the loose material before this weather hits to avoid further damage to nearby properties.

The power of the wind, has people like Brown doing what they can today to prevent a disaster tomorrow. “We’ll probably prepare for this a little bit better. We’ll be closing our windows, lock the storm doors, and storm windows and stuff like that,” Brown says, commenting on preparations she’ll be taking.

City leaders will also be meeting Wednesday afternoon to discuss preparation plans ahead of the storm.