GREENUP COUNTY, KY (WOWK) – Authorities in Greenup County are investigating after receiving a swatting call from an unknown person on Monday.

According to Greenup County Public Safety officials, the incident the Greenup County 911 center received a call around 11:26 a.m. Monday morning where a male caller said hello and then hung up.

Officials with the 911 center say the only data displayed from the call was the phone number, so they used call back procedures and texting to learn if their was an emergency. They say while investigating this, they found the caller had allegedly used an app to call 911 in an attempt at swatting.

Greenup County officials say swatting is a form of harassment where an individual contacts law enforcement alleging an emergency in an attempt to trick police into sending a heavily armed strike force or SWAT team to the intended victim’s home or business.

Shortly after the first call, 911 officials say the Flatwoods Police Department received a call at their station around 11:28 a.m. from a male saying he had allegedly just shot his mother in the head at a home on Reed Street in Flatwoods. The officer reported the call to the 911 center and emergency service personnel were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arriving at the home, first responders learned the homeowner was the only person home and they had not called 911. Emergency personnel say they checked all other homes in the area and did not find any issues in the neighborhood.

While the investigation took place, Russell Schools were placed on a brief, precautionary “lock-out.” Once the scene was clear, Flatwood police sent extra patrol officers to the Russell Schools’ campuses as an additional precaution.

Following the investigation, officials learned these two calls had come from the same phone number.

“The ‘swatting’ practice is dangerous and places the community and first responders in harm’s way,” said Flatwoods Police Chief David Smith. “For some attackers, this is the thrill and purpose of swatting – to cause the victims to fear for their lives as armed police charge into their homes, often with little warning. The police often believe that they, themselves, are facing an armed and dangerous adversary, producing a volatile scenario that can result in property destruction, injury and death.”

Authorities say they forwarded the information on the swatting call to the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Fusion Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for further investigation into the incident.