GREENUP, KY (WOWK) – Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R-KY) made a stop in Greenup County on his Fight Fentanyl Operation tour across the Commonwealth.

Local leaders, addiction recovery officials and concerned residents gathered at the Jesse Stuart Lodge in the Greenbo Lake State Resort Park Wednesday afternoon.

It’s no secret that the fentanyl epidemic has impacted many lives in this region. Cody Williams, who now works to help those recovering from addiction at Pathways Inc., says he’s experienced fentanyl firsthand.

Williams says it’s one of the strongest and, unfortunately, easiest drugs to find these days.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t think you can find anything besides fentanyl on the streets,” Williams tells 13 News.

Joined by a panel of local and state representatives, Cameron heard questions, concerns and ideas from people like Williams whose lives have been affected by this.

Cameron says the goal of forums like this is to encourage local agencies to come together and find out how they can stop this on the local level.

“Different stakeholders that have the expertise or the law enforcement communities have been able to come to these forums and have conversations with each other that I think ultimately can be impactful for how we move forward,” Cameron said before the forum.

Cameron is also running for Governor of the Commonwealth. When asked, if elected, what plans he has to continue fighting this issue, he says his focus will be policy reform.

“You need a leader who is going to be willing to talk about it and speak out about it and talk about the policies that are making it easy for fentanyl to come into this commonwealth,” Cameron said referring to what he calls a failed effort by the Biden administration to secure the southern border between the united states and Mexico.

Cameron says the policies in place are allowing drugs like fentanyl to make their way to areas like eastern Kentucky.