RACELAND, KY (WOWK) — Officials in Raceland, Kentucky, unveiled a brand new fire truck on Saturday.

Officials say this new truck will be a great benefit. They say the truck will allow them to maneuver on smaller roads and respond to calls quicker.  

They also say, with just a flip of a switch, they also have the ability to release foam and water to help put out strenuous fires.

“It benefits the city in a multitude of ways. It started with our fire chief, our ABC Administrator taking our fire department and bringing it up to date. Our fire department needed new equipment, needed better equipment and our citizens did,” says Dustin Burchett, the City Administrator for Raceland.

The truck is also a notably bright orange instead of red. Officials say that decision was made with the Raceland School District colors in mind.

Officials explained this $300,000 truck only cost them $15,000 with the help of an Assistant to Firefighters grant.