PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) — Last June, Floyd County made headlines when three deputies and one K9 were ambushed and killed.

The K9 was Deputy Drago, a dog described for his relentless nature when out on the job. As the Floyd County community continues to mourn the death of Drago, they’re moving forward, training a new four-legged family member.

“It’s gonna be almost impossible to fill those paws,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Allen May, the handler for Floyd County’s newest enforcer.

When Drago was killed, there was a void in the force.

“What they bring to the table, it is something you got to have if you are going to do this kind of job,” May explained.

Losing a family member is never easy, but life goes on. For the department, that means focusing on the future, and adding a new member to the team, K9 Officer Bear.

“It’s like watching him put his duty belt on, he knows it’s time to get into the car,” May described. “What are we gonna do tonight dad?”

May said he and Bear have their work cut out for them.

“There’ll never be another dog like Drago,” May said. “People that knew Drago’s name, they didn’t even call him by his name they would say where is that little rock star dog.”

But they’re off to a good start.

‘Whenever I hit the lights and I make a traffic stop; I look back and I see the two little scary eyes in the background watching every single move I make,” May detailed.

Ready to build off a connection that cannot be explained.

“Drago’s handler, Justin Szymchack whenever he first picked Drago, he said you’ll just know when you see, you’ll know that’s the dog that you want,” said May. “Whenever I got Bear, I got that sense of safety, and it is a wonderful feeling to have that backup that would literally give their life up for you.”

The duo wrapped up six weeks of training in North Carolina before Christmas.

Bear will specialize primarily in narcotics but May said the Sheriff’s Officer said they plan on him being the ultimate Swiss army knife for the county.