FRANKFORT, KY (WOWK) – Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says the state’s mask mandate will end June 11, 2021. On that date, the Bluegrass State will also return to 100% capacity at venues and events.

The governor did say, however, mask mandates will still remain in places where people are the most vulnerable after this date.

“On June, 11, just one month from today, life will be almost fully back to normal.”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear

Beshear says the decision to wait one month following the new guidance from the CDC is to allow more Kentuckians time to get vaccinated before restrictions are lifted, especially those between the ages of 12 and 15, who have only just become eligible for the vaccine as of yesterday.

“Walking to the Capitol this morning is the first time I think all of us have seen each other’s faces without masks in a long time, so I think the emotion sort of captures how meaningful this is and it does sort of feel like there’s a new day dawning,” said Dr. Steven Stack, commissioner for the Kentucky Department for Public Health. “It’s been a long, hard journey for so many.”

According to the governor, 1.9 million Kentuckians have now been vaccinated against the virus. This includes 53% of adults and 80% of adults over the age of 65.

“For the last 14 months, we have sacrificed together, we have mourned together,” Beshear said. “Fighting this virus has required the very best of us, knowing our decisions can impact others, knowing we must make decisions to protect even those we’ve never met.”

The governor says events over 1,000 people will now be able to allow 75% capacity on May 28, an update to the announcement earlier this week that only events under 1,000 people would be allowed 75% capacity.