CATLETTSBURG, KY (WOWK) – After having to scale back its Labor Day celebrations last year, Catlettsburg is keeping its 54-year-old tradition alive.

“It keeps our town alive and I think everyone enjoys it,” said attendee Teressa Estep. “I think we need to put something into our community and I think maybe this is it. I think it’s wonderful.”

Some have been waiting in anticipation for the event and all its activities, including concerts, carnival rides, vendors and more.

“On a scale from one to ten of excitement, I’m a million,” said young parade attendee, Major Genge.

Many had the opportunity to be a part of the tradition for the first time.

“I’m very excited,” said young parade participant, Lily Crowe. “I like giving people a little candy because I like sharing and stuff.”

For this town it’s more than just a parade, it’s a way to celebrate their community

“The labor day parade means a lot to the Catlettsburg community,” said Boyd County High School Marching Band member, Alex Deborde. “I think it’s an absolute blessing to be out here. With all the COVID and everything going on, to actually be here today and having the Labor Day parade is a huge step forward for our community.”