Local gaming center bonds fathers and sons


The bond between a father and his child is special. This fathers day, a local video game center brings in fathers and sons to play the popular game Fortnite. 

“The concept of being a father, being a dad is active. And so, just like anything, here is a group of kids that their language is video games” said Jeremy Holbrook, the owner of Next Level 606 gaming center and a father himself.

“Did you change your glider Dad?” asked Briar Kennard to his Dad, Adam Kennard.

“We play Fortnite together at home and he always beats me, so it’s a learning experience,” said Adam Kennard.

“Go in that gas station. Hide behind the counter” said Carter Cahall to his father, Josh Cahall.

“We were walking by here and I was like ‘holy cow, I’ve never seen this before.’ So, I talked with my wife and I walked over here and talked with this gentleman, the owner and said, ‘oh, if you have a son here, bring him in and you guys can play for free.'” said Josh Cahall.

Jeremy Holbrook tells us, “It wasn’t about scores for me. I mean, yeah we wrote that down, that was my way of kind of cheating the system here. I just wanted to have dads and sons and kids to play. I noticed that they were saying ‘hey I’m not that good’, but I also noticed they were as competitive.”

“Get away from everybody else?” Adam Kennard asks his son.

“I played about five games just to get ready for him so I wouldn’t make him too bad looking here. I wanted to do a good job for him. So, I tried my best.” said Derrick Mills with his son Tate.

“I remember when Nintendo came out. So, I’m definitely learning at this,” said Adam Kennard.

Carter Cahall brags on his Dad saying, “He already knew how to do most of the stuff. He knew how to pick up guns.”

“I couldn’t get him!” Briar Kennard frustratingly tells his Dad. His father responds with, “It’s okay. Good job buddy! Good job man!”

Jeremy Holbrook states, “It was a big win for us just to… just to see the Dads and the sons today. I would say daughters, but it was just sons today. But, to see them play together like that’s a victory for us.”

Another Dad comments, “Look at that, littlest guy here is our last hope.”

Adam Kennard says, “I love to spend time with him. I don’t get to spend a lot of time that I’d like to have and time with Briar is probably my most important time that I have in my day.”

“I work a lot. He’s in school [with] basketball games and so forth. So, the time that we get to spend together means a lot to me.” Derrick Mills says about him and his son Tate.

Carter Cahall says, “Usually he’s all up with work and can’t do anything.” His father, Josh Cahall, says, “Yep, today was definitely a fun day.””One of the biggest joys in my life is being a dad… hold on, it’s bad.” Jeremy Holbrook says as he chokes up at the thought. “I have a seven-year-old son and a foster son. I think just that role of being a dad means showing up and it may be you show up to that football game, you may show up to the baseball game, you may show up to say ‘man you did so good on that spelling test, so proud’ or you may show up at the video game store.”

Derrick Mills asks his son, Tate, “What’s the most exciting thing for you?” Tate responds with, “Spending time with you.”

The father-son duos played two complete games together with the highest team ranking at fourteenth place. Each father-son duo received a two-hour gaming card after the competition. The time cards can be redeemed at the Next Level 606 gaming center at the Kyova Mall in Ashland, KY.

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