LOUISVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — A wheelchair-bound German shepherd puppy has found a forever home after a time in foster care.

On Saturday, Lexington Paws for the Cause announced Emmerson was adopted and moved to a forever home. They said Emmerson’s new mother drove nine hours one way to meet her, and another nine hours to take her home.

“This little girl does not give up!” the Paws 4 the Cause said.

Paws 4 the Cause is a nonprofit animal rescue organization that tries to save animals from extreme situations.

Emmerson was born with spinal bifida, hip dysplasia, and deformed knee joints in her legs. Last Christmas, Paws 4 the Cause announced her Christmas list. “Emerson’s Christmas wish is that there is a special family out there to let her be a part of, and love her in every way,” they wrote on Facebook.

Emerson as a puppy. (Paws 4 the Cause)

The agency thanked those who helped support Emmerson by donating. Those interested in continuing to follow her story should watch out for her coming blog, Instagram, and Facebook, which will follow her new life with her new three-legged brother.

“We cried many tears yesterday as she left us. She is an amazing special soul for sure, and we all know in our hearts she is going to show the world nothing can stop her,” the team wrote.

Paws 4 the Cause has 38 animals available for adoption on their website with many more available from outside of the Lexington area.

Emmerson meeting her new mother. (Paws 4 the Cause)