FRANKFORT, Ky. (WOWK) – The new website, Kentucky Rise, is supposed to help young adults coming out of foster care. It gives them access to job training, employment sites, even housing options.

State leaders unveiled the new site during today’s Kentucky Independent Living Youth Empowerment Conference. They are trying to revitalize the state’s independent living program. They want to give teens who are about to be out of the foster care system, and on their own, a support network.

They took input from both current and former foster youth, and used it to create a web portal for teens who may not have immediate family support.

“I’ve talked to youth all across the state, some across the country, and so many of them, they don’t have access to their own records,” said Joshua Degnan, a former foster youth,”They don’t have access to their medical records, they don’t have information about themselves, and this is one platform where it’s all gonna be in the same place.”

Foster parents, community partners, and the public can access the site, but the web-based portal is most helpful to foster teens 14 and older.