Warning: This story includes language which could be considered offensive.

ASHLAND, KY (WOWK) – Parents and students in the Ashland community are expressing outrage after a high school homework assignment was sent home containing an offensive term.

When students of Paul G. Blazer High School in Ashland, Kentucky brought home a Senior English homework assignment, they realized immediately something was wrong.

Kendall Dixon, one of the students in the class, noticed a term that was formerly used to describe a mentally-disabled person. She says when she saw it she was “shocked” and “uncomfortable.”

Upon noticing this, blazer student Dixon and her sister Riley immediately went to social media. Soon after parents were weighing in as well.

Riley Dixon, a Paul Blazer High School alumna herself, says when she saw it, she immediately brought it to the public’s attention.

It just seems like they don’t care, like they don’t put much effort into reviewing curriculum and how it might feel to some students.

Riley Dixon, Paul G. Blazer High School alumna

In response to the complaints, Ashland Schools superintendent Sean Howard released a statement saying he agrees with the parents and students.

The words used in this assignment were taken from course materials provided with the readings, are dated and inappropriate, and should not have been used. The decision to use these terms reflected poor judgment. We regret this situation and any offense caused to our students, parents, and community members. The issue has been addressed with our staff, and we will continue to monitor closely information that is provided to our students.

Sean Howard, AShland Schools Superintendent

Riley and Kendall Dixon also say they hope this will be a learning opportunity for the school to take action to avoid another situation like this.