INEZ, KY (WOWK) — A socially distanced rally is happening today in Inez, Kentucky, in support of the United States postal workers.

Supporters of the United State’s Postal Service are holding a socially distanced car caravan demonstration in hopes of urging Congress to pass at least $25 billion in immediate support for the postal service.

Secretary-treasurer of the Kentucky Postal Workers Union Clyde Trent tells 13 News Reporter Natalie Wadas postal workers are ready to make sure mail-in ballots are delivered for the election.

I’m very confident in saying we can handle the balloting with no issues.

Secretary-treasurer of the Kentucky Postal Workers Union Clyde Trent

“We’ve brought people from all across the state to Inez today to show the solidarity,” Trent said. “We chose Inez because this is where the chairman for the board of governors for the post office lives. This is his home. So he understands how important rural America is as well. We want him to see the support so that he will support us.”

 Most of the supporters today were from the Kentucky Postal Worker’s Union, but they’re hoping to gain more support from the community after this rally.

They say their message today isn’t only to congress — it’s also to reassure the public.

“The fact that there has been some delay of the mail, we want to make sure the public is aware that the postal workers are essential, and we’ve been there all through the Covid-19, and we are ready when the election comes around to take care of the ballots.” 

Art Campus, Louisville postal worker

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has yet to schedule any type of hearing on the $25 billion dollars in emergency postal service funding passed by the house this past weekend.