LEXINGTON, KY (FOX 56) – When the temperature plummets, energy use skyrockets, whether you realize it or not. However, some Lexington residents are confused why their Kentucky Utilities bill is so high, and they’re asking the utility company, what’s the deal?

Neighbors are turning to social media to voice their concerns.

Rachel Kelly, a Lexington resident for eight years, wrote in a post that her electric bill doubled for December, but she said, “we haven’t changed anything.” There are over 100 comments on her post listing similar concerns, and another post accusing the company of price gouging.

Rachel Kelly brought her concerns about her bill straight to KU, insisting it was a mistake since her bill has never been this high, totaling $300. One year ago, her electric bill was $150, and for November, her costs were $82. Nonetheless, KU said the bill is correct.

Kentucky Utilities insists the complaints are not because the company is doing anything wrong. Instead, the community is forgetting how expensive electricity can be in the winter months.

KU said it has not recently raised rates to affect anyone’s current bill. The company also said it manually reads 1 million customer meters every month.

However, if KU cannot physically reach your meter one month due to weather or other restrictions, the company estimates your cost using an algorithm that factors in the weather, date, and previous bills. If KU overestimates, they will compensate you the following month.

In the meantime, Kentucky Utilities is using this opportunity to highlight ways to keep costs manageable this winter.

  • Keep the cold air out by sealing windows and doors
  • Lower your thermostat by two degrees
  • Use extra blankets
  • Let the sunshine naturally warm your home

Lastly, for a more predictable bill, Kentucky Utilities said it’s best to set up a Budget Payment Plan.