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A Look Inside West Virginia State Police Academy

INSTITUTE, WV (WOWK) - Do you have what it takes to be able to put on that uniform, carry that badge, and call yourself a police officer?

"Just that will power and drive to succeed," says Cpl. Jamie Barker.

"You have got to be completely prepared to give it all you got. Your heart has to be in it for the right reasons,"  adds Basic Officer Zachary Chestnut. 

By spending just one morning at the West Virginia State Police Academy you can see the mental and physical strength needed for the training alone.

This job requires a lot of hard work, dedication and determination to be able to call yourself a police officer and protect and serve the state.

"Not a lot of people want to be police officers and do the things that we face daily, but everybody here is here for the right reasons," says Basic Officer Chestnut

In the line of duty you give up so much and risk even more. 

"Well I gave right at 22 years of my life to this career. It is a lot of sacrifice as far as family and different things. Birthdays don't happen on birthdays and holidays don't happen on holidays," says Cpl. Barker.

They say the rewards far out weigh the risks when you are saving lives and protecting your community.

"But as I look back over those years I wouldn't change a thing about my career. I wouldn't have picked a different path. I am happy I love what I do. I don't think I have woke up a day and not thought about some great thing or great reason why I came into this career,"  adds Cpl. Barker.

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